Our Story..


After ten years of working behind the counter in traditional coffee shops,

I've met a lot of people who simply love coffee.  Whether it's a craft espresso beverage or a hand-brewed cup of coffee, I've learned that people will go to great lengths to get it.  Which led me to ask, "Why should they have to?" and "How can I make specialty coffee more accessible?"

Nimble Coffee Bar became inevitable.  Here you will find a simple, streamlined menu with something for everyone.  We don’t have hundreds of flavors or ingredients, which allows for clear communication between you and your barista.  We aren’t bogged down with complicated orders so we can focus on what matters most: quality drinks and friendly service.  Add in some exciting breakfast options and you have everything you need for a great start to your day!

See you on the street,

Lisa Vaccarello, Business Owner